About School Clubs

The AFS Ghana School Clubs have made tremendous impact in the lives of many Ghanaian youth by providing them the needed platform to develop themselves. Currently, AFS Ghana has established 29 clubs in Senior High Schools across the country with an estimated 2,000 membership making us one of most preferred clubs on most campuses in Ghana.

The school clubs were established since 1968 and has operated non-stop since establishment. They are run entirely by high school students with corresponding club patrons and supervised by AFS National Office.

The clubs are an unique feature of AFS Ghana among all the other AFS partners. They represent the spirit of sharing and passing on of the students who have benefited from AFS programs.

Story behind Development

AFS Ghana School Clubs have a very rich history. It all started in 1967 when a group of students from various secondary schools in Ghana returned home from their one year AFS intercultural exchange program in the USA.  These students saw the need of having a platform that would be used to share their experiences and to propagate peace through intercultural learning. The first AFS Ghana School Clubs were established in Cape Coast schools, and later extended it to other schools in the other regions.

Due to the dynamism of AFS Ghana School Clubs in schools, their activities overshadowed other clubs attracted a tag as an ”elites club”. This perception has gradually faded off with the prudent involvement of the national office and school club patrons to bring the club to the status of an ‘all-inclusive’ club.


  1. Hospital Visit

  2. Country Fair

  3. CAMP

  4. Costume Party

  5. Intercultural Walk