AFS Global You™ Adventurer Full Scholarship Application

Thanks to our generous donors, we are able to offer select full scholarships (worth USD $315 each) for our 100% virtual AFS Global You Adventurer program.

To apply, share how your community could be improved by embracing the power of diversity. If selected, you will receive a US$315 scholarship to participate in the AFS Global You Adventurer program. See more details and FAQs below.

Find out more about AFS Global You Adventurer

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  • How you can stand for issues you really care about and help make the world a better place
  • How to be part of a global community of people passionate about making a difference
  • What makes differences between cultures important and beautiful
  • Why we all need to build our empathy muscles
  • How to avoid jumping to conclusions
  • What to do about inequalities you encounter around you

and more!

At the end, you’ll receive the Global Competence Certificate issued by AFS acknowledging your new global skills.

Apply for the Scholarship

The AFS Global You Adventurer Program celebrates difference and diversity. We want to know about a challenge you observe in your community that could be improved by embracing the power of diversity.

Who can participate in AFS Global You™ programs?

This program is truly global! It is designed for teens just like you, from 14 to 17 years old, who are looking to embark on a new experience, with new people from around the world.

  • are curious,
  • would like to  create positive change in the world,
  • love meeting people from cultures totally different from your own, and
  • want to make connections with global peers in a meaningful way

Why should I be part of it?

Get first-hand access to an innovative experience that will start or continue your journey in global skill-building.

Learn to see the world through different eyes without leaving your home.

Create true connections with friends from places you’ve never visited before.

Open your mind to new ideas, experiences and skills.

Join a global community of AFS Global Citizens.

Earn your own AFS Global Competence Certificate to add to your resume, university and job applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

The program includes 20 different go-at-your-own-speed modules, which take around 16 hours to complete over 5 weeks. You will also attend 4 online facilitated dialogue sessions where you will connect with the global peers in your cohort, as well as an AFS Qualified Facilitator, to reflect on the content, exchange ideas, and participate in group discussion as you build your global competence skills.

Global You programs are flexible and designed to fit around busy schedules. You can expect to spend approximately 2-3 hours per week in the program. Once you are enrolled, we’ll survey you on your availability so that we can ensure we schedule the most optimal timeframes for you and your global peers.

Information for Parents

Help your teen have a fun and productive time. Trust AFS to help them build lifelong ties in an international community while developing key 21st century skills. They’ll also receive an award-winning AFS Global Competence Certificate to help them stand apart, prepare them for their future studies and work, and become a member of the AFS global network. Plus, your child will be eligible for a discount on future study abroad with AFS.