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Study abroad with AFS: open up your world to new possibilities

AFS intercultural adventures transform your life forever! We call it the #AFSeffect

become global

Live with a new family in another country. Enjoy different traditions. Take time to appreciate, value and deepen your insights about other perspectives, cultures, religions and important world issues.


become change

Open your mind to a new way to view the world and help others see the world the way you experience it. Build bridges across cultures by creating friendships that will last a lifetime.


become fluent

Go to a new school, learn a new language and find ways to connect with people from other cultures and backgrounds–skills that you’ll take back home and use for a lifetime.


become yourself

Discover new things about yourself and your place in the world. Learn how to turn challenging situations into valuable opportunities to grow and become more mature.

Explore a planet full of possibilities

“Going to China was the best decision I made as a teenager. If anyone told me, you’d be more open and caring and speak Chinese in the next year, I would have never believed it. I still talk to my host mom till this day. I love china. It’s my second home.”

Allan Okomeng-Mensah,
AFS student from Ghana to China

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Host an AFSer: Welcome the world into your home

Hosting an international student in your home is a great way to learn about a new culture and share your own culture and values. Children often enjoy being cultural ambassadors, introducing their new brother or sister to local customs, traditions and national holidays. Everything from preparing meals to sightseeing are opportunities to discover and appreciate cultural and other differences. We call this the #AFSeffect!

welcome adventure

Experience your world through the eyes of a young person from another country


welcome change

Prepare your family to become global citizens—ready to connect with people from around the world


welcome discovery

Help an international student learn how to live in and enjoy your culture and traditions

It can't be described, it has to be experienced

“It’s an awesome experience to host young people from different parts of the world to offer voluntary services in Ghana. We live as a family, we learn from them and they also learn from us. Through hosting we understand that though we have different cultures, different skin colour and different languages; we can live in peace and in unity while we all charter a development agenda to help improve upon lives all over the world.”

–Edem Tamakloe, AFS host father from Ghana

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Volunteer to create change

Join a movement of active citizens helping people and communities learn to live together

create change

Change the world by changing minds. Help AFSers and your community appreciate and celebrate cultural differences.


create community

Join a global community of change-makers and people like you. Serve as a change agent in your community.


create yourself

Develop practical cross-cultural skills and find your place as a global citizen, leader and changemaker in your community.


create future

Lead diverse teams at home or around the world and promote inclusive societies for sustainable development.

Engaging with my community; meeting people from around the world

“My volunteer experience taught me a lot about myself and what I want to work for in life. The discovery of the various aspects of the Ghanaian way of life made me sensitive to cultural differences and a global way of thinking. I got to know new friends, with whom I’ll hopefully keep in touch for the rest of my life. I know that I’ll will never regret it.”

—Ronja Leder, AFS volunteer from Germany to Ghana

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School Clubs: 50 years of continuous change making

AFS Ghana School Clubs have a very rich history. It all started in 1968 when a group of students from various secondary schools in Ghana returned home from their one year AFS intercultural exchange program in the US. These students saw the need of having a platform that would be used to share their experiences and to propagate peace through intercultural learning. School Clubs exist uniquely in Ghana, among all the AFS partners. Currently, AFS Ghana has established 28 clubs in Senior High Schools across the country with an estimated 2,000 membership.

Act locally; impact globally

“Schools clubs basically provide a platform for students to exhibit their capabilities and at the same time teaches them a lot. Moreover, all this is done in a fun way.”

Lois Arthur Aidoo,
School Club Executive at St. Roses SHS

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