• Why don’t you enroll an AFS participant in your school? It provides students the opportunity to learn about other cultures such as languages. By so doing the student s learn and appreciate own country and culture.
  • Through the experiences of AFS returnees other students go abroad on the ticket of AFS.
  • AFS teachers bring an international perspective in all subject areas such as history, sciences, geography, languages, arts, and mathematics.
AFS educational mission is experiential! AFS network across the world provide a platform for participants to leave the cultures they are familiar with and travel to experience new and unfamiliar cultures.

Through school and host family placements AFS network provide new learning opportunities that help the participants have a better understanding of themselves and different cultures. They acquire new skills at the end of their programmes.
The school of the month goes to St. Rose’s Secondary School (ROSEC). The AFS Ghana School Club in ROSEC is donating a flour mixing machine to the school. This machine would be used in the school’s kitchen.

Other school clubs will join the school club in St. Rose’s Secondary School to donate the flour mixing machine on Saturday, 19th February, 2011