How long does a hosting experience last?
Depending on the type of program, an exchange student or volunteer will stay for at least 1 month and at the most 11 months
Host families have the liberty to choose the time period that will be favorable to host a participant.

Who are the young people you'll be welcoming into your home?
You choose to host either exchange students or volunteers.
You would have all the information you need to make your choice (profile). Your new family member will be also be given some information about you (family members, residence etc.) to help with the "knowing-me-knowing-you" process before the start of the programme.

What language do these exchange students or volunteers speak?
They may or may not speak the English language well, neither may they know any sentence of any local language.
It is encouraged to help them learn a local language as it would help with the integration into the family and community as well.