Why should I be a host family?
By becoming a host family, you can experience the pleasure of offering hospitality and open your family's minds to the wider world. You also have the opportunity to have another family member from another culture and country.
Welcoming a young person from another culture is an experience that everyone in the family will benefit from as it is the opportunity to find out more about the world, the fun of sharing new ideasthe chance to understand another person's values and so much more. By becoming a host family, you can experience the pleasure of offering hospitality and open your family's minds to the wider world.

  • You'll also become more knowledgeable about your own community by meeting other host families and through your involvement in your student's activities.
  • You will gain a family besides your natural family and establish a lifelong link.
  • Families with children will see their children become more open minded and improve their knowledge on Intercultural experience.